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"Over Time"

Quickie Series Book 2

A wise man once said unrequited love is like cyanide in a styrofoam cup. For the first time in almost two decades, Natasha is ready to kick her most deep-rooted habit.

Natasha became infatuated with Arielle the second she learned what love was. Always eager to please, Natasha knew Arielle would have no choice but to become hers. Over the years, the dynamic between them has been the one constant thing in Nat’s life. Growing pains cloud her rose-colored glasses when Arielle becomes more distant. Natasha forces herself to decide whether losing her sanity is worth all the what-ifs.



"This was a hot and steamy short story!! I love the [author's] writing style, it draws you in and [lets] you feel the character emotional. The storyline was very realistic I love it and looking to read more from this author."

— Amazon Review

"Moon [Bey] is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. She can definitely wrap you up in her [short-form] stories. You got me hooked, Sis. Great job."

— Goodreads Review

I was in a FB group and the author asked if anyone had time to read a quickie. I figured 30 pages, yeah, I could do it. It's not my genre and I was uncomfortable with the subject matter. It's not what I expected..."

— Facebook Review

"I cannot believe Natasha. I'm [side-eyeing] her and her decisions."

— Facebook Review

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"We Time"

Quickie Series Book 3

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